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Civil works

Civil Works in Spain

Civil Works in Spain

In the last 25 years Peal has been involved in major infrastructural development in Spain.

The future of Spain’s infrastructure faces new challenges. For over two decades it has developed a
modern transportation system on par with most of her European counterparts.

Peal has contributed to the extensive development of the country’s transport infrastructure and
adopted to new management and financing systems in the advent of the bourgeoning private sector. Working on ever larger projects such as motorways, logistical platforms, rail infrastructure, ports and airports.

Alvedro's Airport extending


Work Type: Airport

Localization: A Coruña

Description: Extending the runway of the airport of Alvedro (A Coruña). Execution dates : May 2013 - September 2014
Peal the runway extends over 500 meters, acquiring the necessary materials nearby "Monte Costa" .
This type of work required a great display of extreme given the proximity of nearby towns technical means as well as the activity of the airport.
The earthmoving supposed 2,500,000 m3 of rock blasting for the implementation of embankment enlargement.