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Our seven core pillars when executing a project. Through our experience and professionalism it’s our aim to always be the preferred choice of partner in open pit mining and public works.


This is one of those corporate values often exhibited in image but in reality is often neglected on the ground. A successful project hinges on discipline. For instance punctuality requires discipline on the back of thorough planning, setting targets and following a path that strives to achieve them. 

Determination is also required and the conviction to complete a project comprehensively.


 This is a very important attribute -in some management structures authority can go unchallenged. Any vibrant company needs to be constantly questioning and challenging itself and not merely assume that all actions taken within their business are best. No one is infallible, learning from our errors, has not only aided our members’ personal development but built on the company’s vast experience and specialised knowledge.


This is another distinguishing feature of the company, being pro-active means taking prompt action on issues that present themselves daily; predict,identify, and act positively and fast with all problems that may occur within the processes. Foresight from long experience has given us the ability to react instantly and effectively with all situations that may arise. A can-do attitude permeates throughout our company.


Determination and perseverance in management to achieve. To get up and fight against any adversities or problems that may arise. To never capitulate nor allow negativity take over which, inevitably, spreads through a company. Perseverance and determination in carrying out our duties will always be the highest priority of our company.


That which doesn’t evolve is destined to disappear. It is important to be continually upskilling and acquiring knowledge and this should run parallel with the day-to-day business in order to have the competitive edge in today’s business world. Everyday should hold a lesson and, in order not to stagnate, a company should be continually evolving by frequently bringing new ideas forward. Constant learning is crucial to the company’s vitality.


Every business has the responsibility to practise ethically and follow certain guidelines and rules. It also has a social responsibility to consider people and the impact on the environment. We feel it’s our duty to provide opportunity to local inhabitants and respect their landscape.