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Mining operations

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In the last five years Sierra Leone has become a major global exporter of precious minerals boosting its GDP immensely.

Sierra Leone is a West African republic with important natural resources, without doubt mining has become a major stimuli for economic growth and the future development of the country.
The main product of export and largest source of foreign exchange is diamond extraction and its by-products.
Today exploration and mining is far more wide-ranging.

There is a marked increase in interest in the mining sector which can be seen in the diversity of projects that are being deployed around different parts of the country.

Spanish companies, S.A. HULLERA VASCO LEONESA & GRUPO PEAL interests began in 2010 in response to the mineral potential and deposits located in the central area of Sierra Leone; in the districts of Bombali and around the Tonkolili area.

In the first quarter of 2011, technical staff of these companies paid a visit to the area and began conducting initial analysis for potential minerals in the area after liaising with local leaders.

The project in Sierra Leone has an exploration license for an area of around 120 square kilometres.

In addition toexploration a substantial amount of aid is provided to the local people in order to stimulate growth in the area and improve their infrastructure.