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Mining operations

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Open-pit mining offers significant advantages over traditional mining including the safety of workers and profitability

From almost the beginning of the last century this has been the increasingly preferred method of choice
in extraction as high-grade deposits have been depleted. The processes produce a high volume low-grade ore AKA Mega-Mining.

The process entails the movement of large quantities of rock, grinding and separation of thousands of tonnes for the extraction of minerals that are in economic demand. Currently open pit mining is the preferred technique in over 90% of active mines around the world.

Mines of this kind are common in countries like Mexico. Today strip-mining is synonymous with the
mega-mine and small-scale mining tends to be centered on very high-grade ore; most of which has been greatly depleted.

The benefits of open-pit mining not offered by traditional deep-pit-mining; Open-pit mining is more profitable than underground mining because you can extract more minerals faster. Working conditions are safer for miners as there is no risk of landslides and the threat of toxic gas is non-existent.

Open-pit mining is the preferred method of extraction for gold, silver, copper, nickel, and uranium. This type of mining can also be used for coal.

Notable benefits of open pit mining:

The planning of such mining schemes is more flexible as you progress through the pits.

Risk levels & hazards at work decrease.

Mechanisation is more extensive, the size of the equipment isn’t constrained, and work can be carried out with from 20 tonne trucks up to 400 tonne giants.

The efforts needed to ensure the safety conditions of workers are significantly reduced and this improves extraction rates.

Productivity is significantly higher.

Tonnes mined by blasting are far greater.

Ventilation problems are practically non-existent.

Costs per tonne moved are far lower.