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PEAL is committed to quality management; it complies with UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 as a standard reference.

The company has a quality division within the Department of Safety, Quality and Environment which carries out the implementation of the guidelines and ongoing scrutiny of the system.

The integrated management system employed at PEAL integrates all processes to ensure and improve the quality of service by the company, including environmental protection, through compliance with international standards. It is instrumental in attaining planned results.

All processes and organisational structures are certified and are audited regularly.

Systematic documentation ensures proper operation:

Management Manual. PEAL has described in the Manual the requirements to establish a
Quality Management System in order to be able to demonstrate the ability to provide services in accordance with the requirements under the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, and can be evaluated by external parties. Strict compliance in all functional areas of the company allows the achievement of the objectives and commitments set out by the company.

Working Procedures. The Management Manual guidelines set out clearly the procedures and
describe the different processes and quality improvements with additional documentation to describe how an activity should be performed.

Technical instructions. The technical instructions describe the performance of a particular task in detail and aim to standardise working methods.

Quality assurance plan. All works and projects utilise this organisation tool, applicable throughout planning and control in the execution of the main task by the earthmoving company PEAL. Its primary purpose is to maintain the quality standards of service to achieve
customer satisfaction by ensuring conformity at all stages of the works, from carrying out the work, to optimising the cost/benefit ratio in all processes, to project review.

Our documentation structure enables compliance with international standards and certification by organizations such as AENOR.

This Management System is applied in all earthmoving and drilling; clearing and open-pits, earthworks, quarries, wells, roadworks and tracks, and building demolitions carried out by the company.

PEAL as an organisation is customer-oriented. PEAL works to the highest quality standards which are tailored to our client’s needs, this means:

Training: Quality is the responsibility of every staff member. One of our distinctive attributes is the involvement of all personnel in the quality of work carried out. This is achieved through information, training and a compliant management system.

Selection. Only suppliers and subcontractors of goods and services with recognised commercial reliability and technical competence are selected by PEAL.
Transparency. Provide the client with all the necessary information for the smooth operation of the project.

Communication. Establish strong channels of communication with the client.
Resolute. We are strict about compliance with rules and regulations that apply to our business.Satisfaction. Checking the degree of customer satisfaction by attentively responding to feed-back, monitoring during implementation of works and a final check after completion.

Improvement. Review the status of corrective and preventive actions. When deviations are identified in any of the processes put in place the necessary corrective or preventive actions are taken. This control leads to lower subsequent incidences and improved results in the future. New goals are set each year and they contribute to the continuous improvement of the system.

Protection. The Organisations Environmental Performance.

Control. Review of internal audits and evaluations of compliance with legal and other requirements to which the company subscribes and any changes thereof.

Quality Policy and Environment, in all its aspects, is a benchmark for the entire organization in the performance of its duties.

Quality Policy and Environment is based on the following principles:

Ensure that the work offered and performed meets the requirements and needs of our customers; thus further strengthening sector confidence in PEAL OBRA PÚBLICA, S.A.

A group effort in a process of continuous improvement in the system, increasing market competitiveness through improved quality and productivity.

Compliance with current regulations and other legal requirements that are applicable in the development of PEAL PUBLIC WORKS, S.A.’s activities.

Prioritise prevention over correction in order to ensure environmental protection.

Minimise the environmental impact of the organisation’s activities as a result of its operations.

Policy development through a Management System, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004. This is based on people management, operations management and continuous improvement; ensuring both effectiveness and efficiency.

Dissemination of the Quality and Environment policy among the staff of PEAL OBRA PUBLICA, its suppliers and subcontractors, and in so doing; making them participants, encouraging their involvement and contribution.

The directors are committed to review this policy periodically and adapt to the new organisational demands that arise in the sector when circumstances necessitate. Amendments are available and communicated to all vested interests at all times.

                Spanish Quality Certificate        –          EuropeanQuality Certificate