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Tecnical office



This department has distinct duties in both mining and public works; in mine operations it is involved in all phases of the project; from study to completion. While in public works the department focuses more on supporting the planning needs that arise in the execution of the works.

Mining: In this field the department is responsible for supporting mining projects. It also carries out analysis and feasibility studies for other independent projects.

In the realisation of a mining project they deal with all phases, such

Initial study.
Assessment of resources and reserves.
Open-pit and landfill design.
Transport optimization by designing the network of access roads to short and landfills.
Design different stages
Economic study of the operation and implementation of the project.
Blasting projects.
Restoration projects.

Civil works: The Company mostly acts as subcontractor in civil works. Our office is then responsible for getting all the data necessary and, using applications, develops the project in correspondence to the main contract. They will deal with any amendments as the project is ongoing. They also advise and deal with any technical issues along with their own tasks of designing access tracks, landfills or technical support through different project phases for the main