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Special transportation



Expert in the transportation of all gear from spare parts to gigantic components with escort.

Our fleet includes tractors with up to three to four axles and a towing capacity of up to 160 tons, trailers from three to five axles, with the possibility of incorporating a three-axle dolly- potentially assembling a body of up to twelve axels.

A fully competent and highly trained team with full instruction is equipped to carry out these operations safely. Stringent Health and Safety practices are used from loading and strapping to transportation. Its members receive regular training, not only in the field of transport, but in the manual handling of loads, trucks, cranes and also equipment maintenance and these are all pursued under the umbrella of safety.

Extra Transport Services Finally we would like to remind clients and other contractors that PEAL is willing to perform work outside the normal contract domain in assistance with the movement of their equipment or goods of any kind that requires special transport.

Our department is happy to study the transport request, advising you on the movement and offering the best financial offer.